Examination Protocol

The National Dental Specialty Examination (NDSE) may be administered in either of Canada’s official languages, English and French. The examination language that applicants choose during the online may not be changed after the application deadline.

For specialty-specific examination structure, please visit please visit the Specialties section.
The College does not administer preparatory courses or provide copies of examinations from previous years.

Specialty-specific examination structure, topics for review and study guides are available in the Specialties section. Please consider that the study guides illustrate the format in which questions may be posed, and do not constitute a blueprint for the content that will be featured on the day of the examination.
Candidates will need a piece of government-issued photo identification in order to access the examination site.

Communication and/or recording devices, including smart watches, are absolutely forbidden on-site. Candidates caught in the possession of prohibited devices or engaging in behaviour that contravenes the integrity of the examination process will be immediately expelled and disqualified from taking the NDSE for three years.
Yes, unsuccessful candidates may initiate a Formal Review of their examination on the grounds that significant procedural negatively impacted their performance. Within 30 days from the communication of examination results, the Admissions Department (admissions@rcdc.ca) must electronically receive completed requests that include: i) a written statement that clearly outlines the alleged procedural errors, and ii) the payment authorization form for the required administrative fee.

As part of this review, the College will consider the candidate's statement outlining the alleged procedural irregularities, available documentary evidence such as observer records and examiner notes, and examination marks.
Candidates who were unsuccessful in the examination should complete an application for any new attempts prior to the application deadline. An application is considered to be complete when the Admissions Department has received:

• The online application;
• Payment for all prescribed fees, and;
• The supporting documentation that would satisfy the eligibility requirements at the time of application to re-challenge the Examination.

Applications will be reviewed to ensure that candidates’ credentials meet the current eligibility criteria. Upon a credential and documentation review, applicants will be notified of their eligibility to challenge the examination. Such eligibility is considered valid for one examination cycle and only for the year in which it is granted.
Following the examination, candidates will have the opportunity to provide feedback through an online survey on a variety of topics. Individual responses will remain confidential, and results will be used to improve future examination sessions.